There is such a wide range of MBA programs throughout the world that the choices are quite overwhelming if one does not know where to start looking. The Australian Catholic University (ACU) invites future graduate students to start with them. What makes their program a popular choice among the international community?


Ranked 7 among the Universities in Australia and 20th in the IGF Global MBA Ranking by CEO Magazine in 2012 and 2013 respectively, the ACU MBA program does not require prior work experience. Students can go straight from a recognized undergraduate degree into their MBA program.

Their MBA program can also be combined with the Master of Professional Accounting to complete a double Masters in 2 years, allowing students to graduate with CPA accreditation. This in turn makes them eligible for a 2-year work permit in Australia after graduation and accounting is one of the professional areas on the occupational shortage list so graduates are also eligible to allow for residency status.

Moreover, by applying for these programs in 2013, students become automatically eligible for the Executive Dean’s Scholarship, which is valued up to AUS$ 8,000. The successful applicant for the scholarship will receive AU$1000 towards the cost of their tuition fees every semester, provided they continue to successfully complete all their enrolled units. The maximum value of the scholarship depends on the length of the recipient’s program.

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