Eynesbury School is a senior high school in Adelaide, South Australia, that prepares students for university entry. Most sought after are its Foundation Programs that guarantee entry into two of the largest and most prestigious universities in Australia – University of Adelaide and University of South Australia.

Eynesbury possesses AACSB, EQUIS, NAPE and ATAR accreditations which denotes the highest quality of academic instruction and student care. The school offers a variety of program for preparation for university studies in Australia in a range different fields, including medicine and health sciences, Business, Engineering, Humanities, and Science.

The Eynesbury Foundation program represents the best route to secure a place in two of Australia’s top universities. For more information on this pathway to a great university and a career in Australia, contact us through:

Mobile: 0917 5860 551/ 0917 5860 553/0917 5351 956

E-mail: intl_edu_specialists@pldtdsl.net

Or visit our website : www.inter-ed.com

You may also drop by and visit us at our office located in:

2/F Trafalgar Plaza, H.V. Dela Costa Street, Makati City.

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