Inter-ed became one of my instruments in fulfilling my dreams. It was introduced at Southville Foreign University, where I took my Hospitality Management course, prior to to taking my internship abroad. There were a lot of agencies to choose from, I studied each one of them and I end up choosing Inter-ed. Through Inter-ed, I was hired by one of the prestigious lodges in Tasmania, Australia, which is the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge. I took my internship there for a year. I gained a lot of knowledge and experiences throughout my stay in Australia. I got to meet a lot of people and made a lot of friends from different races and different nationalities. I also traveled around Australia and learned about their culture, and so much more. My experiences during my internship made me a better person, I became more mature and the best part of it, my internship was really successful! Inter-ed was my ladder in reaching my goal. The staff are generous enough to assist and guide me all the way. They even contact me to ask me how am I and how is the internship going, Inter-ed has been very helpful throughout. For that, thank you Inter-ed for being a part of my career.

Lorraine Agustin took her internship for the hospitality program, specializing in food and beverage hosted by Cradle Mountain Lodge.

Make-up by Dianne Bernardo-Castillo. Photography and styling by Karen Versoza –

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