Inter-Ed tries to make the road to studying abroad as easy as possible and this includes our fees. Our Fees for Registration and Placement are well below industry standards. We also offer a money-back guarantee! In the unlikely event that the student fails to be admitted by the institution selected, or turned down for a student visa, students may either request to be moved to a different institution, or a different country, or may refund the service component of the fees.

All Counseling for students is FREE! Sit down with us and brainstorm or plan where your future should be going and what study you need to get your there. We do not charge for counseling, however complex!

Career Aptitude Assessment (optional) for students who are not sure what they should be studying or what career area they are suited for, costs just $150.00 and includes a professional 16 – 20 page report and one-on-one interpretation with Inter-Ed counselors. This is frequently usually combined with University Matching and the two together cost $250.00.

University Matching is conducted for the student who has decided their course and program of study. This gives a range of suitable institutions to choose from in the preferred country(s) of study. The University Matching is a written report with the catalogues (and web sites) of the recommended institutions available to help the student decide. Typically 4-6 institutions will be recommended. Cost $150.00. This is frequently combined with Career Aptitude Assessment and the two together cost $250.00.

Registration Fees are for compiling the full portfolio of documents needed for overseas placement, entry clearance, travel, arrival and enrollment and verification. Registration Fees are $500.00. This is a one-time only fee. If a student subsequently wants to be placed for a different program (e.g. Masters Degree) or even in a different country there is no registration fee.

Placement Fee: $500.00. The Placement Fee and Visa Handling Fee are refundable in full if the student is not accepted at the institution where placed. Alternatively student can request to be placed in another institution of even in another country.

Visa Handling Fee: $250.00. The Visa Handling Fee and Placement is refundable in if the student is not accepted at the institution where placed or if the student visa is rejected. Alternatively students can request to be placed in another institution of even in another country.

Registration Fees, Placement Fees and Visa Handling Fees are the same irrespective of the institution or the country. Students who are not required a visa for where they are going to study by virtue of the passport they hold will not be required to pay the visa handling fee.

Please note that for the few schools that have institutional application fees, these fees are paid by the student directly to the institution. Likewise, actual visa fees are paid directly to the embassy by the student. All fees may be paid in Peso equivalent.

Visa assistance for students not placed for studies by Inter-Ed costs $500.00. Visa assistance for family members wanting to fly with the student either as tourists or dependents is $500.00/person ($600.00 for both parents).

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