Acute shortage of Australian Aged Carers Creates Opportunities for Philippine Student Nurses and RNs

 On July 15th Inter-Ed posted an article about the desperate shortage of beds for the elderly in aged care villages and specially designed facilities in Australia. Quoting Cameron O’Reilly, CEO of the Aged Care Guild, the article stated that 76,000 new beds would be needed by 2023. What was not mentioned was that the shortage of Aged Carers was even more acute than the beds as many are reaching retirement age and there is no one to replace them. The immediate need for Aged Care nurses is 2,500 with the number constantly increasing.

Working with their partners in Australia, Inter-Ed has created a solution for easing the problem and simultaneously creating opportunities for Philippine nurses to gain real and valuable nursing experience in the gerontology sector. Aged Care Opportunities in Australia

Philippine nurses can now take a year of Paid Internship in Australia working with the elderly in supervised settings in specialist aged care facilities. Currently, 200 intern positions have just become available, mostly in Queensland and Victoria, and Philippines nurses who graduated less than 18 months ago can be deployed on intern visas before the end of the year.

With typical salaries at AUD$18.00/hour and a working week of 35 – 40 hours, interns can earn AUD$720.00/week and gain invaluable experience for eligibility towards becoming an Australian SRN. The internship allowance will more than cover the cost of the conversion program to convert from a Philippines RN to an Australian SRN.

Inter-Ed has all the details available about this really exciting program and can organize immediate interview for nurses wishing to start before Christmas. Contact us now by clicking on the picture, email, text or Skype to find out how you can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.



Employers love potential staff with real world experience. But how can you have that when you have not yet graduated or only just finished your course?

The answer is: INTERNSHIPS

Internships are undertaken to give industry experience before joining the work force and sometimes as a graduation requirement. Inter-Ed specializes in organizing well-paid internships for Hospitality students. Three different areas of hospitality internships are available:

  • Food and Beverage or Rotational (F & B, Rooms Division, Front Office)
  • Kitchen
  • Reception

Le Cordon Bleu

Chef and Culinary Internships

The expected typical duties and skill development for Culinary Interns are as follows:

  • Apprentice Chef; Commis Chef; Demi Chef
  • Communication Management
  • Team cooperation
  • Hygiene standards and safety
  • Food production
  • Food presentation
  • Mise en Place
  • Inter-departmental Teamwork (i.e. Between Kitchen and Food and Beverage staff)

Food and Beverage Internships

The expected typical duties and skill development for Food and Beverage Interns are as follows:

  • Industry service standards
  • Operational knowledge of restaurant equipment
  • Beverage/Menu knowledge development
  • Guest seating
  • Dining room set up and turn around
  • Table service
  • Restaurant hosting
  • Service of cuisines
  • Cash handling
  • Shift work – meal period knowledge development
  • Supervisory skill development

Front Office Internships

The expected typical duties and skill development for Front Office Interns are as follows:

  • Sales and Reservations
  • Guest services
  • Telephone etiquette and management
  • Check in and Check out
  • Cashiering including foreign exchange
  • Providing orientation and information to guests
  • Room inventory assistance and assessment
  • Group bookings and management
  • Finance / Marketing
  • Supervisory skill development


Note: Roles vary depending on candidates’ skill level

Internships can be taken for 6 or 12 months and are offered by Inter-Ed in two countries: Australia and the USA.

Interns are either accommodated on the property where they are working or are assisted by the hotel to find suitable accommodation nearby. In Australia and the USA, most of the hotels and resorts are 5 Star.





What are the qualifications needed?

All of the Hotel HR Managers have the same answer: Enthusiasm, Commitment, Capacity for Hard Work, Personal Presentation and Communications Skills. In addition there is the expectation that the intern has some basic skills learned from their college course and/or industry work experience.

Each country has slightly different requirements for the internship visa but the usual requirements are:


  • Be currently enrolled and have completed at least 2 years (preferably 3 years) of the degree program, be a student of good standing and be able to demonstrate this through college transcript and letter of reference/recommendation
  • Internship should be a requirement for the course being taken or a graduation requirement
  • Intern should be completing their course upon return to the Philippines
  • Intern should be aged between 18 – 30
  • Intern should hold a current, valid passport


  • Internship must start within 18 months of graduation
  • Intern should be currently employed in the industry during application and interview process
  • Intern should have done at least 6 months of work experience prior to application (Note: the 6 month internship in any of the two countries meets this requirement) and be able to obtain references from their place of work
  • Intern should be aged between 18 – 30
  • Inter should hold a current, valid passport

All programs require standard documentation for overseas travel and specific documentation for the internship programs. Inter-Ed will be happy to furnish a checklist of the requirements and help you compile the necessary documentation.

Inter-Ed recommends taking a 6 month program between Year 3 and Year 4 of the HRM college degree and applying for the 12 month program immediately upon return. The 12 month program can then be scheduled to commence straight after graduation to help you launch your career in hospitality.


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