Update: As of September 13, 2012,  8,433 students from 155 High Schools have confirmed their attendance.

Every year it comes around!  The time when the Guidance Counselors asks her Seniors, “What course are you going to take and which college do you want to attend?”.  Answers are wide and varied but the predominant responses are: “I don’t know”,“I’m not sure”, “I think this is what I want”,this is what my dad wants me to do”,“what are my choices”“what do you think I should do”.    To process these questions, International Education Specialists, or better known as Inter-Ed, is hosting and organizing an annual event called the “Career Counselling and Guidance Fair”to address such issues on September 13-14 at Philippine Trade Training Center beside World Trade Center, Roxas Blvd, Pasay City.

Decisions about the future are difficult and Career choices can be likened to buying a pair of shoes.  They must be the appropriate style and color for the purpose for which they were bought; they must be within budget; but most importantly, they must fit.  If they don’t fit, the future will be painful and slow.  If they are inappropriate for the purpose required, then they can’t be worn and the money has been wasted.  For a high school student choosing a course, college and career has many similarities, but the implications of the choice are far more profound.

Each year tens of thousands of students go through this process of choosing for their future.  Everyone fervently hopes that they make a good choice and will be accepted at their preferred college for their chosen course of study, and that in a few more years it will lead to a great career.  Hope, however, is the operative word. How are our future generations going to make good choices unless they are equipped to do so?

The 24th Career Counselling and Guidance Fair will showcase local and foreign universities who will be visited by local high school students seeking information to guide them in making their final decisions as they discover for themselves the most appropriate university study to fit and match their personality, skills, aptitude, goals, etc.

For the students, there are additionally four seminars to choose from:

(1)  “Packaging: How to make yourself marketable in a Competitive World”;

(2)  What’s the College Major for me?”

(3) “English Skills:  The Currency in World Class Employment”

(4) “Understanding My Career Profile (John Holland’s RIASEC Career Theory)”.

They can attend all four seminars as these are run every hour – however, they need to pre-book as the seminar slots are limited.  Seats cannot be guaranteed without pre-booking.  Schools should call Inter-Ed 8191001 or text 09274006573 or email: intl_edu_specialists@pldtdsl.net

For Teachers and Guidance Counselors accompanying the students, the event’s theme: “Developing Students as Problem Solvers Across the Curriculum”features different seminar topics. Dr. Joyce Dy, a coveted speaker in the field of education and psychology will be conducting: 

– “Cultivating Student’s Higher Level Thinking Skills based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Objectives”

– “Teaching Subjects Using the Whole Brain Thinking Approach”.

Other speakers on “Career Aptitude Assessments” are Malcolm and Jocelyn Pick while Roger Bartholomew will give“K-12: A Synopsis”.   The Seminars are Free but on a first come, first served basis and pre-booking is required.

To spice up the event, there are raffle prizes and gift packs for both students and teachers.  There are many activities and performances delivered by the local universities to showcase their student talents.  There are choir singing, gymnastics, dancing, hair cutting, face painting, fashion shows etc.   There is also free career aptitude testing and free career counselling. The event is endorsed by TESDA, DepEd and CHED.  To bring your school to this world class event on either Sept 13 or 14, call International Education Specialists (Inter-Ed) for registration. Posters can be downloaded and printed out for your notice board by clicking “Download Document” at the top of this page.

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