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We are dedicated education advocates who believe in making global, quality education possible and available to all learners. We want to help students to realize their dream of experiencing education abroad and to reach their fullest potential. Since our partners are from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, it is important to keep current with changing trends, opportunities, and requirements in the global education marketplace. Contact us for more information.


Latest News and Events

Deakin Joins Global Research Elite

  For the second year in a row, Deakin has jumped an entire tier in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), placing them among the top 2% of universities worldwide! Deakin’s Strategic Intelligence and Planning Unit calculates that the U …

Free Conference: Moving into Senior Management in the Corporate World (Aug. 27)

The Knowledge that Senior Managers need for Promotion- Makati City, August 27, 2016: In the corporate world a large proportion of senior management have legal or accounting backgrounds. This is because the complex reality of the current global business …

Macquarie University ASEAN Scholarship Available Now!

Macquarie University (inventor of wi-fi) is proud to introduce the “Macquarie University ASEAN Scholarship”. Macquarie University will provide AU$5000 per year (for duration of program) to all Filipino students commencing their undergraduate or postgra …

Acute shortage of Australian Aged Carers Creates Opportunities for Philippine Student Nurses and RNs

On July 15th Inter-Ed posted an article about the desperate shortage of beds for the elderly in aged care villages and specially designed facilities in Australia. Quoting Cameron O’Reilly, CEO of the Aged Care Guild, the article stated that 76,000 new …

UP Engineering Graduates- Australia Wants You!

  If you graduated from the University of the Philippines in Engineering (any discipline) over the past two years, then Australia wants you! As part of the Australian Government’s efforts to assist the country with its booming economic expansion, …

Australian Catholic University Offers Postgrad Scholarships

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Postgraduate Scholarship.  The scholarship is available to eligible international postgraduate students commencing a course offered by the School of Business in 2017. Recipients will receive a AU$1,000 tuiti …

LPU Students Launching Into Hospitality Industry Via Paid Internships

HRM students at LPU Batangas and Laguna will be joining the $1.17[1] Trillion global hospitality and tourism industry through paid internships organized by Inter-Ed. The global hotel industry is $457B per year and hotels and resorts need smart young pe …

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AASHPI 17th National Convention (Sept. 1-2)

AASHPI (Asian Association of School HRMD Practitioners, Inc.)- Collaborate with Human Resource Experts and Practitioners, School Administrators, Owners, Faculty, and Educators, as we gather to learn ways in addressing significant issues and challenges …



I got really inspired by the Melbourne coffee culture. It’s going to be hard and a very long challenge ahead of me, but I know what I want to do in the future, and I can see that my career is going to be bright.

Steven Abordaje Bachelor of Culinary Management William Angliss Institute

I am currently taking up Bachelor of Accounting in Macquarie University, and I plan on becoming a Certified Public Accountant in Sydney. Accountants are very in demand in Australia and I guess I would be able to help fill in the gap between the demand and the supply of accountants here.

Jessica Abreu Bachelor of Accounting Macquarie University

I would like to thank Inter-Ed for helping me find a university in Australia that suits me, and because of this I was able to improve my skills in ACU. Thanks to them, the process was flawless. Inter-Ed processed my documents without a problem and gave me a lot of time to prepare myself before I went to study.

Wendell Tiu MBA and MBIS ACU (Australian Catholic University)

Living abroad gave me the opportunity to explore not just the new country I’m living in, but also to get out of my comfort zone and explore other European countries. I studied in the United Kingdom, and I took the chance to visit other European countries such as Italy, Greece, and France.

Stephanie San Jose Business Studies University of Chester

Nurses have a lot of opportunities here, and they also have a lot of options on how they want to practice. However, like in any other country, hiring may slow down at times due to some circumstances. But with Australia’s constant increase in population, many healthcare facilities are expanding, therefore more nurses are required here!

Maria Irma Luz Aurora De Vera Return to Practice and Initial Registration Deakin University

Inter-Ed helped me decide what path I wanted based on my goals and suggested the schools that I could go to in order to reach my dreams. Inter-Ed was very accommodating and helpful during the application process, and their relationship with the schools made it all hassle-free. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them!

Anna Maria Ysabel Fider Bachelor of Culinary Management William Angliss Institute


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