Steven Abordaje

Course: Bachelor of Culinary Management

School: William Angliss Institute

At Southville International School affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU), students have the option to study abroad if they are qualified. Steven Abordaje is currently taking Bachelor of Culinary Management at William Angliss Institute in Melbourne, Australia. Steven says, “I got really inspired by the Melbourne coffee culture. I’m starting to study and know more stuff about coffee, making coffee and blending your own coffee. It’s going to be hard and a very long challenge ahead of me, but I know what I want to do in the future, and I can see that my career is going to be bright.”

Steven advocates patience during your first few months abroad because you need to adjust. He says “There’s going to be the so-called culture shock. Once you get over it, everything is going to be fun and the challenges would be a piece of cake.” Since going to Australia, he has gained lots of friends and learned how to meet and socialise with people. “I’m shy, soft-spoken and timid kind of guy. If you’re abroad by yourself, hindi pwede yan. You need all the people you know to support you. I got homesick once and what I did is ‘face my fears’, which is meeting new people. I have heaps of friends now, from work, school and even from bars and night clubs I went to. They made me forget what home is like, and I am now well-adjusted in my situation here.”

He adds “Inter-ed is the one who is going to organise everything. I just have to give them all those papers and requirements that are needed and everything from visa, enrollment, and medical examinations are going to be organised for you. Aside from that, the staffs are friendly and reachable.”

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