Kadhe She Batalona

Course: Hospitality Internship Program

School: Food & Beverage Department, Hyatt Hotel Canberra

I decided to do my internship in Australia to gain experience working abroad, living on  own and trying to adapt to another culture. Having an internship abroad is like working. I got to work full time, which helped me earn, save and and pay for my own bills. I’ve learned to be independent. I had to work hard to pay for my bills. I had to do my own laundry, cook my own food and buy groceries. I learned to stand on my own feet, without my parents/family by my side. I became globally competitive, which gives me an edge in my chosen field.

My internship is at Hyatt Hotel Canberra in the Food and Beverage Department. At first it’s hard. I really had a hard time adjusting with the weather. Since Canberra is one of the coldest place here in Australia. I could hardly sleep because it was too cold. At work, it was easy for me to adjust since I got used to working with different nationalities. Everyone was adjusting with different cultures but it wasn’t hard as I thought because they’re kind and approachable. You will find new friends that will make you enjoy your stay.

I definitely recommend students and young professionals to do an internship abroad. Always look for a better opportunity. My advice would be, don’t be scared to try something new, don’t be scared to go out and live alone. Always grab the opportunity given to you. It’s you who make your future. Always dream big and high.

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