Gabrielle Veloso – Scholar in Macquarie University

Course: Neuropsychology(Scholar)

School: Macquarie University

When I found out I was accepted into the program I wanted in Macquarie University, I was both happy and sad. I’ve been planning to study neuropsychology for the last 4 or 5 years, so basically everything I have worked for over the years led up to my acceptance and scholarship at Macquarie. However, I knew it wouldn’t be the same without my significant other, Eli.

We couldn’t stand to be apart for 4 years, so the feeling was really bittersweet. He decided he wanted to quit his job and come with me to Australia. I decided that if he couldn’t come because he couldn’t get a visa for the next 4 years, I would stay with him in the Philippines. I searched for several agencies that could help with Eli’s visa but they were all only interested in helping me with my student visa-  nothing else. Then I came across inter-Ed. Mrs. B, Mr. B, Genna and Anna all assisted Eli and I without any hesitation. They were very hands on. I could tell they really cared about me, not just as a client but as a person; and they wanted to help keep Eli and me together. I only had one month left to file my own visa and Eli’s, but inter-Ed helped us get it done even when I didn’t think it would be possible some days. They filed my visa at late notice because it took me awhile to get all my papers in order, yet within 3 hours of filing it was approved! Eli’s visa was also approved so quickly, despite the fact that his visa was not as easy to get compared to mine. The entire time we waited for Eli’s visa, they kept it touch, constantly checking on us and making sure I was doing fine in Australia. Eli’s visa was finally approved, and it was way faster than what we expected. Mrs B made it a point to personally contact the embassy to follow up on the decision. As a result, he’s going to be here in a few days and we are going to live together here in Australia for the next 4 years. I really couldn’t be happier because I got the best of both worlds and it’s all thanks to the dedicated people at inter-ed. You can count on them to deliver results because it’s not just a job to them – they truly care about each of their cases even at a personal level and Eli and I felt this the entire time we worked with them. What a great team!



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