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INTER-ED offers a wide range of services for students who want to study overseas.
Initially, students may avail of:

  1. FREE Counseling for Overseas Studies
  2. Career Aptitude Testing
  3. Assessment of Overseas Study Opportunities

Having gone through these initial assessments, if found qualified, Inter-Ed then matches and places the student in a carefully chosen field, institution, and destination.


After the student submits all the necessary documentation for processing, Inter-Ed secures the Admission in one of more than 150 schools, colleges or universities represented by Inter-Ed in Australia, Canada, Europe, NZ, Singapore, the UK or the USA. Having received the acceptance advice, Inter-Ed then processes:

  1. Student Visa
  2. Student Housing
  3. Health Insurance

As soon as the student visa has been secured, the travel arrangements are done.

  1. Travel Assistance / Hotel Reservations / Travel Insurance
  2. Airport pick-up
  3. Transmittal of tuition and housing fees

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