Australia wants you if you have skills gained from education and employment.

Australia is in need of skilled professionals to help their economy grow. They have plenty of people with top executive qualifications and plenty with the energy, youth, and enthusiasm to undertake manual jobs, but a shortage of skilled middle-class to drive industry and services, especially in the Health, Engineering and IT sectors.

Australia welcomes applications from anyone aged 18-49 and uses assessment criteria to see whether or not the application meets the number of points required (60) to qualify.

These criteria are as follows:

  1. Age (0 – 30pts depending on age bracket)
  2. English Competency (0 – 20 pts depending on IELTS score)
  3. Overseas skilled employment (5 – 15 pts depending on experience)
  4. Educational qualifications (5 – 20 pts depending on level of qualification)
  5. Sponsorship  (5 – 10 pts depending on whether sponsor is immediate relative or State)


Inter-Ed works with Mr. David Stephens, a registered migration agent based in Sydney, with Registered Migration Agent Number 95466, to refer its students and other professionals and assist them with their applications for residency in Australia.



Costs vary slightly depending on the situation of the applicant but typically everything altogether costs around AUD$10,000.00, inclusive of Skills Assessment and Visa Fees. Having dependents (spouse and children) will slightly increase the cost as the Australia Government levies visa fees from all applicants.


Current processing time is 9 – 12 months

Contact us for more details at: 819-1001 to 02 / or / 0917-535-1956


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