Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) is an international learning and development community which operates in its own compact campus area. KAMK uses internationalisation as a regional development tool. One profile that cuts through all operations at KAMK, smart solutions, is used to steer all activities. In addition to using technological solutions, smart solutions means the ability to do the right things right.

The five schools of KAMK each have one focus area that supports this profile. The focus areas will enable the schools to increase their national status. Integrating the focus areas creates a readiness for international activities in line with the profile.

KAMK in Brief

• Established in 1992
• Amongst the first UAS to be granted permanent status in 1996
• A limited liability company owned by the city of Kajaani
• 5 Schools: Engineering, Information Systems, Business, Health, Tourism & Sports
• 9 Bachelor’s degrees delivered in Finnish, 4 Bachelor’s degrees in English
• 5 Master’s degrees in Finnish, 1 Master’s degree in English
• 2000 students
• A staff of 230
• Over 5,500 graduates
• Quality label awarded by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) in 2015
• President & CEO: Dr. Matti Sarén

KAMK has achieved great success in Finland in Ministry of Education and Culture outcome barometers. In particular the quality of teaching and counseling has been considered the best in Finland for several years running. According to a survey published in Talouselämä magazine in 2011, KAMK was the best university of applied sciences in Finland based on several indicators.

KAMK Values

Development partnership 
KAMK carries out teaching, research and development in local, regional, national and international networks.

Customer satisfaction
KAMK offers client-oriented opportunities and added value to its customers and partners.

People as a resource 
KAMK values work and knowledge, accepts difference and supports development and capability. Each member of the KAMK community is committed to our common objectives. We are a transparent organisation that encourages openness.

Creative joy in all activities 
All members of staff possess a positive, innovative and open-minded attitude to themselves and to the continual development of their working community.

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