Inter-Ed Promotes Australian Education and Migration Expansion 

Often referred to by Australians as “God’s Own Country”, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. It is envied for its large land mass, clean environment, moderate climate, first-class health & educational systems, and an excellent quality of life. And there is lots of room for many more people.

Australia has been offering a well-structured skilled migration program to fill specific skill shortages. It has been attracting skilled migrants under the General Skilled Migration Program, which is designed for migrants with outstanding skills and abilities, and for those with special talents.  In an interview with the International Education Specialists (Inter-Ed), a company committed to placing students and professionals in educational institutions overseas, Mr. David Stephens, a registered Migration Agent of the Australasian Immigration Services Pty. Ltd., who is working with Inter-Ed, said that the General Skilled Migration Program selects people with the right skills and qualifications to work in industries where labor is in demand.

In a study done by The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR), the most in-demand occupations are cooks, chefs, accountants, managers, coordinators, architects, engineers, IT professionals, hairdressers, welders, painters & decorators, furniture makers & upholsterers, and health care professionals.  20,000 new visas were granted in year 2006-2007. By year 2007-2008, the Skilled Migration Program is expected to increase that number by 6,000 places and will be made up of permanent sponsored visas and General Skilled Migration visas.

Inter-Ed, founded in 1980, conducts counseling for study and migration opportunities, and as part of its service, processes applications for a wide range of academic programs and skills training, including visa and accommodation.  To support the migration and education opportunities being offered today by Australia, Inter-Ed assists individuals who are interested in taking advantage of the Australian migration expansion, whether though direct application or further studies. Consultancy sessions are scheduled every Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 1-4pm only (strictly by appointment). Interested parties may contact 819-1001 or visit Inter-Ed’s website at www.inter-ed.com or e-mailintl_edu_specialists@pldtdsl.net .

Australia has once again become a favored destination for both students and skilled people from the Philippines as both are offered the opportunity to settle in Australia on a permanent basis, or work on a temporary basis.

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