One of the pioneers in higher education in England, the University of Chester, opens its doors for graduates worldwide who wish to train as psychologists. The conversion course is specifically designed for graduates in subjects other than Psychology. It is fully accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) as conferring Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC). Psychology students from the Philippines holding Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology that do not meet the GBC may also take the course.

Available as a full-time programme, the course gives students a thorough and intensive grounding in the areas of psychology that form the core of the BPS curriculum. These are biological psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, individual differences and social psychology. The programme also includes the teaching of study research methods and statistics. The student will complete the programme with a supervised research dissertation.

The course that commences every September will help students develop the skills that many employers are looking for. Chester’s conversion course is different in that students receive dedicated teaching from experts through lectures, seminars and workshops that are only delivered to students on this course.

The course has no formal examinations. Students will be assessed via coursework and practical-type reports in all modules.  A wide range of assessment methods are used which are designed to develop research and transferable skills. These could include quantitative/qualitative research reports or case studies, individual and group presentations, paper reviews, or even a critical book review.

The University of Chester now has in total some 16,800 students, drawn from the United Kingdom, Europe and overseas countries such as, Australia, the United States, India, China, Nigeria, Georgia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

Chester is the fifth oldest English higher education establishments of any kind. Its original buildings in the ancient city of Chester were the first in the country to be purpose-built for the professional training of teachers. Education degrees are now just a small part of the 477 course combinations that the institution offers.

For more information, please contact the International Education Specialists (Inter-Ed) at 819-1001 / 0917-5351956, email intl_edu_specialists@pldtdsl.net, or visit inter-ed.com.

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