There is a big need for aged care and nursing workers in Australia to fill the expected shortage to be brought about by the impending retirement in the work force in this sector in the next couple of years.

According to Helen U. Bartholomew, founder of International Education Specialists (Inter-Ed), the Philippines’ pioneer in international education, training and internship, the demand for new aged care workers is not being adequately met by the new generation of health care workers, such as geriatric nurses, physio-therapists and aged care workers who are needed to attend to Australia’s growing population that has a longer life span.

Citing figures from the ACSA (Aged and Community Services Australia) Federation’s Report, Bartholomew said Australia registers 300,000-plus new births a year, which is forecast to make up 17 percent of the population by 2024 and 20 percent by 2044.

The over 65 years old sector, on the other hand, constitutes 15 percent of today’s population, with one in every 5 Australians belonging to age 65. Because of a healthier lifestyle, Australians are living longer today, with those over 85 years who need greater aged care services growing at a faster rate than those over 65 years.

For this reason, it is estimated that by 2044, 1.2 million people aged over 85 years will be added to the population as the average Australian is expected to live 5 years longer than today.

With 77,976 aged care workers needed in the next 10 years to fill the deficit to be left by the retirement of aged care workers, Australia should be hiring 650 new workers per month in order to replace 668 new retiring workers each month.

Since it organized and hosted the i.Nars Summit in 2009 to address the glut of unemployed nursing graduates in the Philippines, Inter-Ed has been at the forefront of a campaign to help nurses go to Australia for bridging courses that will enable them to gain an Australian registration. Registered nurses are allowed to stay and work in hospitals and become eligible to apply for Australian permanent residency.

Considering that not many graduates can afford the full cost of the program and most applicants do not have the work experience to qualify for it, Inter-Ed’s paid internship programs for nurses and aged care graduates opens the doors for the realization of their ambitions.  Inter-Ed aims to place 2,000 student interns in various Australian hospitals this year.

Inter-Ed is currently screening graduates of aged care, physio-therapy and nursing courses from 2014 onwards who wish to apply for paid internships in Australia.

Inter-Ed, the country’s pioneer in Global Education, is currently screening applicants for these amazing programs who graduated from 2014 on-wards. Students can set up appointments by calling Inter-Ed’s Admissions Office trunk line 819-1001; 0917 515-1162; 0917 535 1956  or email their CV’s and academic credentials to


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