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Continuously transforming —  this is what UK’s Anglia Ruskin University is good at. With its long and colorful history, ARU has seen relevant developments in the academic community not only in the United Kingdom but also the world.

To keep up with the global advancements, Anglia Ruskin University has launched its new brand this year and according to ARU Vice Chancellor Professor Roderick Watkins, “…it’s modern, focused and ambitious. It sets the vision for where we’re going, and builds on our considerable achievements to date.”

The vice-chancellor also mentioned that, “at the heart of our University are our students. And they are remarkable. Many have not previously had the opportunity to demonstrate their potential, to achieve success or really experience the delight of learning.”

ARU is not a conventional university — the diversity in their people as well as in the campuses are just examples of how the University embraces ARU’s distinct educational style of developing its students holistically. “It’s all about the talent ARU unlocks, and the ambition and passion that it fuels: transforming lives through innovative, inclusive, and entrepreneurial education and research” Watkins ends.

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