Inter-Ed student Shaina Kawari shares,

I thought you might like a quick update on my first 4 weeks at QUT. I was homesick for a couple of weeks but then I made some new international friends and I am now very happy. I like being independent. I am doing 4 subjects which requires a lot of study and work outside of the formal class time. I am attaching my first assignment in History of Design which is the poster that I did about traditional blaan clothing. I not only had to submit this poster but I also had to give a short talk about it in my tutorial. I am very proud to say that I was chosen by my classmates as having the best presentation. I have quite a few assignments due soon and I’m hoping to do well and make you proud of me.

Be inspired and take a look at Shaina’s assignment poster on family heirloom for History of Design at QUT – Diploma of Creative Industries.

Inter-Ed is indeed proud of you Shaina. Keep it up!

Shaina - Blaan Poster

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