Usually, when the word summit is brought up, hikers are one of the first things that come to mind. That, and things like erratic weather, a challenging, steep climb and a breathtaking view. Recently, the town is abuzz about a different kind of summit and while it does not involve unleashing the exciting, daredevil in you, it does pose a lot of challenges and spectacular results of its own. This is the EDU Summit.

Keywords: ASEAN integration. What is that? Sounds quite boring, irrelevant and confusing at the same time. The EDU summit aims to put all those misconceptions, and questions to rest. It is going to be one of the most meaningful, and up to date roundtable discussions held in the country – putting to light opposing views and opinions, challenging ideas, and aiming to see the best possible results in the end.

On February 23 and 24, at the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC), the EDU Summit will take place. Representatives from different high schools, colleges, and universities from all over the country will be there to address pressing concerns on a forthcoming, monumental change. What is going to happen when the ASEAN integration takes place? Why should it matter to everyone? Why will it alter the course of our society? How will it benefit me to help find solutions? What are the solutions?

The Summit will tackle issues surrounding the ASEAN integration, specifically in terms of its diverse effects on the educational system in the Philippines. Participants will have a chance to engage in discussions with speakers from the academe as well as the government. Consultations can also be done with various school representatives. Foreign guests who are well versed on the changes in the region will also be present. Educators from both secondary and college/university levels should attend whether teacher/lecturer, guidance counselor, HR or senior administrator.

Events like this inspire me as a legislator to continue to championing the cause of educators and the Filipino youth. – Senator Miriam Santiago

Since 1980, the EDU Summit organizer, Inter-Ed has been at the forefront of global education. They have helped countless students and professionals in their Career Planning and raised awareness about the importance of choosing the right courses to match their qualifications in order to avoid mis-match, unemployment or underemployment. Inter-Ed understands and speaks the language of international standards, academic qualifications, global equivalencies, RPL – recognition of prior learning, skills migration and labor mobility. With knowledge and experience gained over the past 35 years, Inter-Ed, as international university advisers, are very familiar with ladderized education, twinning programs, trans-national education, distance education, accreditation, English testing and academic equivalency. Additionally they have been instrumental in the accreditation of international schools and the embedding of K-12 curriculum.

The Summit is a summit worth participating in. All you have to bring is a curious mind open to new ideas, and a desire to see change.

We should look forward to a common and coordinated effort towards a competitive and harmonious relationship with our ASEAN neighbors as we further hope that our K to 12 graduates will finally reap the benefits they deserve with the advent of ASEAN 2015. – Cong. Kimi Coujanco

Get in touch with the International Education Specialists (Inter-Ed) at 819-1001 or by visiting their website at http://inter-ed.com/cms to register. The Edu Summit is endorsed by CHED, DEPED, TESDA, and DOLE and has messages of support from both the President and Senators for its goal of advancing Philippine Education. Registration for the 2 day EDU Summit is subsidized and extremely affordable.

To register, you can download the registration form, click here: EDU-SUMMIT.REGISTRATION FORM.

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