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Stephanie San Jose

Course: Business Studies

School: University of Chester

Stephanie San Jose chose to study in the United Kingdom rather than other English-speaking countries because it was highly recommended by her previous school ( Southville Foreign University). “As College is a time for new and exhilarating experiences as well as a time to discover varied and innovative ideas, studying abroad (specifically in the United Kingdom) is something I consider to help avoid ethnocentrism, to develop my horizons, and to be grateful for everything the world has to offer.”

Stephanie is participating in the undergraduate program offered by the University of Chester and majoring in Business Studies. The primary reason she wanted to study there was to one day attract the compensation related with attending a highly regarded educational institute. Gaining admission to prestigious college or university is frequently regarded as an accomplishment in itself, and many view obtaining a degree from a university in the United Kingdom as a gateway to a successful profession.

The anticipation is that such graduates have an edge over their peers in a vastly competitive job market. “Gaining a degree in Business Studies in the University of Chester will allow me to be in-demand in the job market. It is because well-known corporations vie to catch the attention of the fresh new talent who will assist attain corporate profitability at some point.”

To study abroad is not an easy decision to make, and Stephanie needed to consider all aspects, both positive and negative. The most common experiences encountered by international students are homesickness and culture shock. “Although I am independent and quite familiar with the culture in the United Kingdom, it was still really never easy for me, especially in terms of the language barrier”, she reports.

Living away from your family and friends for the first time is a significant event in any person’s life. Therefore, it is important to consider the best accommodations available (within reason), since there will be more freedoms (and more responsibilities) that arise from living independently. However, studying abroad is not just about obtaining a degree, you must be sure to have fun as well!

“Living abroad gave me the opportunity to explore not just the new country I’m living in, but also to get out of my comfort zone and explore other European countries. I studied in the United Kingdom, and I took the chance to visit other European countries such as Italy, Greece, and France. I shared photos and videos which served as my token of remembrance of my time abroad. I strongly recommend studying abroad as it will give you the opportunity to see the world.

Inter-Ed had been very helpful in organizing my choice of studying overseas. They provided assistance from the start, up until I obtained my confirmation of acceptance of studies in the University of Chester in the United Kingdom. Inter-Ed provided me hands-on and up-to-date assistance from my application to the university, to the acceptance of my offer, to meeting specific conditions, application of student visa, organizing my accommodation, booking my flight- until the day of my departure.

However, the job of Inter-Ed didn’t end there. I was able to communicate with the Inter-Ed team during my entire stay, and they made sure to keep in contact with me to ensure that everything goes smoothly. I couldn’t be more grateful to Inter-Ed for helping me grasp the opportunity of studying abroad.”

Upon completing her BA degree (Hons) in Business Studies at the University of Chester, Stephanie will either look for an employer that will sponsor her continued stay in the UK or return to the Philippines to seek employment in a multinational organization (or to take over her family’s business, hoping to expand its operations). She ultimately desires to be a successful, knowledgeable, responsible, and respectable business manager and/or owner in the near future. “I want to see myself as an important asset of an organization, where my position will reflect my hard work, acquired skills, and capabilities.”



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