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Maria Irma Luz Aurora De Vera

Course: Return to Practice and Initial Registration

School: Deakin University

Maila wanted to practice her nursing profession in Australia, so the Return to Practice and Initial Registration was a prerequisite course. However, she also wanted to experience being an international student, challenged by a foreign curriculum. The bridging program that she completed helped her to adjust smoothly and confidently to the Australian nursing system. “After almost a year of living in Melbourne, I guess I could say that I have adjusted well already- except to the crazy weather!”

When she first arrived, her biggest adjustment was dealing with the country’s modern way of living, use of public transport and way of managing her expenses. Now, she makes sure to keep informed and updated by reading news, official government websites, articles and forums online. “I also seek advice from different people, but I also make sure that I validate every advice before I follow it.”

When asked if she would recommend studying abroad to her friends, Maila said “Yes I would, as it’s definitely a worthwhile experience. I’d tell them that if they really want to study abroad to pursue a dream, go for it and be committed to it. Be patient, stay determined and focused. Don’t get swayed by naysayers, but don’t be blinded by optimism. Be objective- know the pros and cons, then tailor your plans around it.”

She added that “Inter-Ed helped me get enrolled in one of Australia’s most prestigious universities, which is Deakin University. Securing a slot for a bridging program can be quite difficult, but I did not have any problem, even though I was busy working in another country because Inter-Ed organized everything with the university. Inter-Ed also organized my medical and student visa, which was just granted in about 3 weeks. Inter-Ed did not stop helping me after all my necessary paperwork was finished. They also helped me with my coming here by providing me with informative websites, conducting pre-orientation seminar/ talk, finding a flat and connecting me with other students who are already in Melbourne.”

“I would definitely pursue a career in nursing. Nurses have a lot of opportunities here, and they also have a lot of options on how they want to practice. However, like in any other country, hiring may slow down at times due to some circumstances. But with Australia’s constant increase in population, many healthcare facilities are expanding, therefore more nurses are required here!



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