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Jessica Abreu

Course: Bachelor of Accounting

School: Macquarie University

Studying abroad never crossed Jessica Abreu’s mind when she was little. She always anticipated studying in DLSU or UP, since that was where most of her relatives had studied. “But in my senior year in Poveda, I became really confused because I wasn’t really sure if DLSU or UP were (right) for me,” Jessica reflects. After consulting her family, however, it was agreed that she would go to Sydney, Australia since her aunt had moved there in 2008. “I am currently taking up Bachelor of Accounting in Macquarie University, and I plan on becoming a Certified Public Accountant in Sydney. Accountants are very in demand in Australia and I guess I would be able to help fill in the gap between the demand and the supply of accountants here.”

Jessica says she has become more independent while studying abroad. “I’m learning how to make decisions on my own, I’m learning how to manage my time better, and how to take care of my future by making sure of my actions today.” She also says that moving out of her comfort zone, leaving her family, and having to get used to a completely different country with people of different cultures has made her become more hard working. “I’d like to believe that I’ve been even more diligent here because I want to be able to prove to myself that I am still capable of the great things I’ve achieved in the Philippines, despite being under different circumstances.”

It didn’t take long for Jessica to fully adjust to life in Australia because her biggest worry was with drifting away from her family and friends. “Airplane rides don’t cost a fortune these days plus technology has evolved so greatly, that even when I am 6,264 kilometers away from my family and friends, it’s as if I’m always with them.” Jessica adds that “School isn’t really different around here, and the people are just as friendly as the friends I’ve made back in high school.”

She believes that best way to learn is through experience and that it’s necessary for everyone to take the opportunity to study abroad if they were given the chance. “There’s a quote that goes ‘Nothing worth having comes easy’, and that’s what I want my friends to always keep in mind. Always remember that every hardship we go through and every accomplishment that we achieve today are worth it – no matter what the damage, no matter the number of times we fall; no matter how many times we go unrecognized, no matter how big or small -everything will be worth it in the future.”

Finally, Jessica says “Inter-Ed made applying for university overseas as easy as you can ever imagine! My Student Travel Ambassador was very friendly and made everything so easy. I remember only having to go to the office three times! Not only does Inter-Ed offer fast service, they also take care of you and make sure that you get what you want. Inter-Ed is trustworthy, reliable, and is the only way to go!”


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