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Anna Maria Ysabel Fider

Course: Bachelor of Culinary Management

School: William Angliss Institute

After graduating from culinary arts from ISCAHM (International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management), Yssa felt that she wanted to learn more about starting her own restaurant business. Through Inter-Ed, she learned that William Angliss Institute in Australia offered a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Management, which included an internship year. “This piqued my interest because I also wanted to be able to work abroad and experience living on my own. I felt I could learn more cuisines and techniques abroad, as well as be able to expand my horizon in terms of experience and people.”

Initially, being away from her family and childhood friends was difficult, but in time Yssa was able to gain independence and make new friends. William Angliss has a reputation for being a great school for Hospitality, and Australia welcomes a wide variety of cuisines (such as Indian, Sri Lankan, Spanish, Greek, Italian, African, Afghan, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese for example). With this wide array of culinary choices, Yssa knew she was well-positioned to gain knowledge, skills, and experience in the culinary field.

“An important part of studying abroad is giving other cultures an idea about the Philippines and how wonderful our culture and people are. I would definitely recommend my friends to study abroad because I know the opportunity will help them learn more about themselves and grow. I would advise them to have courage, to make the most of their time, and to try something different (out of their comfort zone).”

“Inter-Ed helped me decide on what path I wanted based on my goals, and suggested the schools that I could go to in order to reach my dreams. Inter-Ed was very accommodating and helpful during the application process, and their relationship with the schools made it all hassle-free. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them!”

Yssa plans to become a restauranteur and is currently studying and working as a chef. Studying abroad has given her opportunities to grow and develop as a person, and has exposed her to the Australian way of learning things, while being able to meet different people of various cultures, learning about their food and beliefs, as well as knowing how to approach them.


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