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William Angliss Institute

The specialist centre for foods, tourism, hospitality and events training for the past 70 years

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About William Angliss Institute


A State-of-the-Art Institute

William Angliss Institute is a dedicated training provider for the foods, tourism and hospitality ndustries, delivering a range of courses from short courses and certificate programs to four-year degrees. 19,500 students enrol at William Angliss Institute each year, comprising of local and international students on campus and industry-based students. Enrolled at William Angliss Institute’s Melbourne campus are over 1,300 international students from around the world.

As the Government endorsed Specialist Centre for Foods, Tourism and Hospitality, William Angliss Institute works with industry leaders to develop innovative training solutions that meets the needs of today’s industry, including membership and affiliation with a range of Australian and international industry and educational organisations. In the future William Angliss Institute seeks to contribute to the advancement of the industries in which it works by developing highly skilled employees and encouraging innovation. Established in 1940, William Angliss Institute provides educational excellence to people with a passion.

Institute Facilities and Teaching Staff

The industry-standard training facilities include simulated and live class rooms, experienced trainers and a vibrant industry network at the Institute contribute to one of the highest graduate outcomes in Australia. State of the art training facilities include equipment used in professional kitchens, simulated and live classrooms, flexible learning delivery methods and over 400 academic and support staff with industry experience and contacts. All this means that students are well prepared to enter the workforce, update their current qualifications, or undertake further study.

Core Training Program
+ Baking
+ Business
+ Confectionery Manufacturing + Meat Processing (Butchery)
+ Cookery
+ Patisserie
+ Degrees
+ Events
+ Entertainment Operations
+ Food Science and Technology
+ Hospitality
+ Resort Management
+ Tourism
+ Training & Assessment
+ Travel (including Flight Attendant Course)
+ Youth & Community Programs

International Expertise

The Institute is regarded as the designated specialist in human resource development (HRD) in the tourism and hospitality sector, delivering customised solutions to local, national, international, government and industry partners globally.

Tailor-made solutions include:

  • Vocational training systems
  • Hotel pre-opening training and simulation programs
  • Training needs analysis
  • Curriculum design and development
  • Learning resources development
  • Tourism trainer professional development programs
  • Skills audits

Certification and employment programs

The Institute’s extensive partnerships, well-developed international student recruitment network, diversifications strategy, innovative programs, tailor-made solutions and sound risk management approach sets the Institute apart contributing to its export success and realising its vision of being a global specialist training organisation in tourism and hospitality.

Looking to the future

William Angliss Institute is dedicated to maintaining and developing its status as a specialist leader in education, training and associated services to the hospitality, tourism and culinary arts industries locally, nationally and internationally. Looking forward, the Institute seeks to continue building a pro-active organisation capable of self determination which adds significant value to its students, the industry and the broader community. The Institute is committed to challenging existing industry practices, building on its leadership role, researching and developing its products and programs, increasing staff capability and continuing to be an active member of industry. The result is a strategic direction that builds on the strengths of the Institute and provides a pathway for the continued development of the Institute as a significant industry and community asset.

Education Quality Management

Education Quality Management at William Angliss Institute extends across all aspects of its activities and performance. The Institute’s Education Quality Management System represents a planned, evidence-based, ongoing process aimed at ensuring quality and improving outcomes for students, clients and stakeholders; achieving the Institute’s mission; and providing a platform for future development, meeting future workforce needs and maintaining the Institute’s place as a specialist centre for education and training in tourism, hospitality and the culinary arts. Education quality is administered by a dedicated Quality Manager. As part of its registration requirements, William Angliss Institute is required to demonstrate compliance with the standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations 2011 (formerly the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF)).


What our students say

At Southville International School affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU), students have the option to study abroad if they are qualified. Steven Abordaje is currently taking Bachelor of Culinary Management at William Angliss Institute in Melbourne, Australia. Steven says, “I got really inspired by the Melbourne coffee culture. I’m starting to study and know more stuff about coffee, making coffee and blending your own coffee. It’s going to be hard and a very long challenge ahead of me, but I know what I want to do in the future, and I can see that my career is going to be bright.”

Steven advocates patience during your first few months abroad because you need to adjust. He says “There’s going to be the so-called culture shock. Once you get over it, everything is going to be fun and the challenges would be a piece of cake.” Since going to Australia, he has gained lots of friends and learned how to meet and socialise with people. “I’m shy, soft-spoken and timid kind of guy. If you’re abroad by yourself, hindi pwede yan. You need all the people you know to support you. I got homesick once and what I did is ‘face my fears’, which is meeting new people. I have heaps of friends now, from work, school and even from bars and night clubs I went to. They made me forget what home is like, and I am now well-adjusted in my situation here.”

He adds “Inter-ed is the one who is going to organise everything. I just have to give them all those papers and requirements that are needed and everything from visa, enrollment, and medical examinations are going to be organised for you. Aside from that, the staffs are friendly and reachable.”

Steven Abordaje
William Angliss Institute

Live, learn, explore. Study Abroad.

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