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Vancouver Community College

Vancouver Community College responds to existing and emerging community needs. In co-operation with other educational institutions, licensing and accrediting bodies, employers, community groups and governments, the College offers flexible and responsive instruction.

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About Vancouver Community College

Vancouver Community College is committed to delivering innovative instruction in developmental education, adult basic education, English language programs, special education, vocational, career, technical, academic, and continuing education programs. We use creative instructional methods in concert with professional support services which are integral to the success of all students. The College champions a learning environment that maximizes the educational experience by continually improving its resources, technology and facilities.

Pathway to University

VCC offers first-year university credit courses in the Arts and Sciences. These credits can be transferred to many other universities. VCC students have been admitted to University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, The University of Victoria, Thompson River University, Columbia University (USA) and California University (USA).

Pathway to Canadian Credentials and Employment

VCC has an excellent career program. VCC has played a key role in helping industry meet today’s need for highly skilled employees. Their graduates have a high rate of success in finding jobs, one of the highest in BC. International students in full-time career programs of 8 months or longer are eligible for the following work permit: Off-campus work permit (OCWP)


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