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International College of Hotel Management (ICHM)

The International College of Hotel Management (ICHM) and Swiss Hotel Association (SHA) Degrees are based on the philosophy that a commitment to excellence and the finest education and training are essential for those people seeking the most sought after positions in the highly competitive hospitality industry.

The hotel management profession now exists on a global scale, meaning the successful hotel manager of today and the future, will need to have qualifications and experiences recognised to an international standard. Established in 1992 in partnership with the SHA and the South Australian Government, ICHM has gone on to produce graduates of the highest calibre working at all levels within the international hospitality industry.

While at ICHM students are broadly informed about all aspects of the international hospitality industry, from a basic operational perspective right through to a senior managerial level within broader social, cultural and economic contexts. They are then provided with real industry internships within Australia or overseas that allow them to learn the industry first hand beyond the walls of their structured classes. This real world experience is invaluable in helping them understand the theoretical concepts they have learnt within a working environment; it also allows them to build significant industry networks. ICHM graduates are working globally as supervisors and specialists right through to senior and general managers. A number also work outside the industry is areas such as marketing, IT, human resources and their own business’s.


  1. The Swiss Hotel Association (SHA) is the world’s oldest industry body; formed in partnership with the South Australian Government ICHM is the only SHA school outside of Europe.
  2. Students undertake “One Program, Two Degrees” while at ICHM. The first is the ICHM  Bachelor of Business that also includes the SHA Diploma; then culminating with the SHA Bachelor Degree.
  3.  Students have the opportunity to undertake paid industry placements every year of study, more than at any other Australian hotel school- earn 25% of your tuition fees.
  4. ICHM’s lecturers are equipped with extensive local and international industry experience. Their teaching skills and dedication to students produces advanced learning outcomes.
  5. The purpose built hospitality teaching facilities on the Regency Campus are world class, allowing students to hone their skills and knowledge in a realistic setting.
  6. The modern on-campus accommodation consists of single bedroom, villa style apartments with all meals included.
  7. Located in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia and a hub for hospitality, ICHM students undertake their studies in an ideal learning environment.
  8. Students who study at least 2 years and get bachelor degree are eligible for Graduate Work Visa: permission to stay in Australia for 2 more years working.
  9. The professional hotelier and business skills students learn with ICHM are highly valued and sought after within hotels and also at management levels across a variety of other industries.
  10. We measure our success by our graduates. Employers of ICHM graduates range from boutique establishments to large multinational hotels. You will find them working as supervisors and specialists through to senior and general managers.

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