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If you choose Cardiff University you will join a global academic community of staff and students that are dedicated to enhancing knowledge. Like other famous universities, Cardiff University’s mission is to accomplish world-leading research.

Why is research important?

Universities that are considered to be the best in the world are ‘research-led’. Being taught in a research-led institution like Cardiff University has several advantages:

  • Recognition. Your degree will be recognised worldwide. The most famous and
    respected universities are research-led. Cardiff is part of the elite Russell Group of
    top research-based universities in the UK.
  • Innovative courses. The curriculum of your course will include the latest
    information and be relevant to your career.
  • Teaching by globally respected staff. Student learning takes place in a research
    environment in which students benefit from interaction with researchers who are
    working at the frontiers of knowledge in their disciplines.
  • Enhanced careers prospects. Your career prospects will be enhanced.
    Employers usually favour research universities because they know graduates will
    be very well informed.
  • Excellent teaching facilities. You will find excellent teaching facilities because research institutions attract more funding.
  • Join a worldwide network. Your fellow students will also be of a high standard – meaning you will get more from your study groups and in your classes. It also means that after graduation you will join a close network of alumni that hold top positions in governments, companies and universities.


What is a Russell Group university?
Cardiff University is a member of the Russell Group.

  • The Russell Group are the 24 leading research-led UK universities.
  • They are committed to maintaining the very best research.
  • They are committed to an outstanding teaching and learning experience.
  • They have unrivalled links with business and the public sector.


Independently verified and reviewed

As a major centre for preparing students for the professions, (including for example, Pharmacy, Optometry, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Architecture and Dentistry) Cardiff has its standards scrutinised regularly by more than 40 professional bodies, which ensure that the University maintains the highest possible standards in teaching. In 2008 the University’s teaching was also given the highest endorsement by the UK Government in a
quality review.

Teaching methods

During your time at Cardiff University you will find that you will be taught in the best way possible for the course you are taking. All courses employ several teaching methods, each one the most suitable for the subject studied.

In order to gain a comprehensive base of knowledge you will often be taught in large lectures. Handouts are often provided and lecturers make use of a range of resources and facilities to enable you to get the information you need.

Seminars – for discussion and questions

These are smaller discussion groups with your lecturer and a smaller number of students. This is an ideal time to discuss any questions following lectures, and an opportunity to really get to the core of subjects you are studying.

Personal Tutor – for academic and pastoral care

You will be assigned a personal tutor who will follow your progress throughout your course and will always be available for you to talk to, whether about your course or any personal problem that is concerning you. He or she will be a member of the teaching staff in your school and will have specialised knowledge of the topics that you are studying as well as access to a range of resources and contacts that can be used if you have any problems – personal or academic. If you feel that you would like to talk to someone other than your personal tutor, this can be easily arranged.

Computing Facilities

As a student at Cardiff University you will automatically be issued with a free email address and you can use the internet, for free, for as long as you like – helping with your studies as well as keeping in touch with your family and friends.

Free assistance in English

If you need English language support, there are courses available for you to take once your academic studies have commenced. These courses are designed to be flexible and to fit in with your studies. They will help you to understand academic English and acquire study skills. You can enrol on these courses, when you arrive in Cardiff to start your degree programme.


Our 2017 Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships, worth over £2,000, offer funding awards to international students across undergraduate and postgraduate levels of study.

The Scholarship is for full-time students who will be based on the Cardiff campus and start their studies in September 2017. The award cannot be used for any other year of entry.

Only self-funding international students are eligible and you must be confirmed as an overseas student for fee paying purposes. The scholarship is not open to students who are in receipt of funding from external bodies such as local Government, charities or private organisations.

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