Australian Internships (AI) is proud to be recognised as the global leader of internship program providers. With almost 20 years’ experience, AI has established a long term quality reputation and is proud to be the preferred internship provider for most leading Australian universities. We offer internships in almost all academic disciplines for candidates from over 80 countries around the world!

  • Established in 1998, AI was the first Australia’s internship provider
  • Market leader in the segment
  •  12,000+ candidates with 90+ nationalities
  • Over 5,600 host organisations Australia wide
  • Internships in most academic disciplines
  • Active in establishing the Australian internships industry association (AIIA)


  • Globalize your resume
  • Gain exposure to a real working environment
  • Develop the skills and knowledge learned through studies
  • Learn how to deal with obstacles and unexpected events in the workplace
  • Learn about Australian workplace culture
  • Build professional relationships and networks
  • Develop professional communication skills in the Australian workplace


Cultural Exchange is the exchange of differing ideas, beliefs, rituals, customs and traditions between people with different backgrounds. Australian Internships aims to promote this exchange in order to foster mutual understanding and tolerance of other cultures throughout the internship programs.

Within our programs, international visitors can gain a better understanding of Australian labour procedures and way of life. It’s not only the interns that learn from this exchange but the surrounding community as well. Working or living alongside interns from other countries can provide a better appreciation for other cultures and can also challenge established perceptions.

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