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Australian Catholic University

CRICOS code: 00004G

Australian Catholic University (ACU) has six campuses around Australia. We empower students to think critically, ethically and to bring about change in their communities and professions.

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About Australian Catholic University

Why choose ACU?

We’re unique

Australian Catholic University (ACU) has six campuses around Australia. We empower students to think critically, ethically and to bring about change in their communities and professions.

We value you

As a publicly-funded university, we welcome staff and students of all beliefs and backgrounds. We are committed to providing equal access to education for all people.

Practical experience

Students undertake professional placements and volunteer work throughout their studies, with many securing excellent jobs before they graduate.

Community engagement is also a core part of every student’s experience at ACU, to the point where it’s embedded within our courses. This allows students to give back to their communities and make a difference through opportunities such as volunteer experience programs.

More than study

ACU is a great place to meet people and have new experiences.

Each campus student association hosts events such as barbecues, balls and concerts. There are also clubs, societies and sporting events such as ACU Games and University Games.

Travel the world

ACU students can attend an overseas university in more than 16 countries, complete international internships, and work in community programs around the world – all while receiving credit towards their degree.

Your success

The Office of Student Success provides academic skills, career development and counselling services, as well as support for people with special needs or disabilities on each campus.

Campus Life Coordinators and the ACU National Student Association (ACUNSA) ensure students have the resources they need to achieve a healthy study/life balance.

Catholic intellectual tradition

ACU is Australia’s leading Catholic university and is supported by more than 2,000 years of Catholic intellectual tradition. As a member of the International Federation of Catholic Universities, we are devoted to communicating truth in every field of knowledge through teaching and research, as well as promoting the dignity of all people and the common good.

Programs Offered

  • Education and Arts
  • Health Sciences
  • Law and Business
  • Theology and Philosophy

This school’s location

ACU has seven campuses across Australia, including Adelaide, Ballarat, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney (North Sydney and Strathfield).

What our students say

When Wendell Tiu was a fresh graduate of DLSU Taft, he realized his four years at DLSU was not enough to fully nourish his skills, and that mentally and physically, he was not yet ready to face the business world. “I realized I needed more experience… different experience, where I can grow and gain more knowledge to understand the society we live in.”

When Wendell’s father, an engineer, offered for him to study abroad in any country he wanted, Wendell was apprehensive. But he decided to accept this new challenge, knowing that not everyone has the chance for this kind of opportunity. He decided to face his fears and took a step toward a new adventure. Wendell explains “Studying abroad was a once in a lifetime experience, and the most important thing I learned was being independent.  I was able to stand on my own feet without depending on my parents or friends.”

When asked how he adjusted to living abroad, he said “Staying in a foreign country was hard for me because in order to succeed in Australia, I had to work and spend time developing my ability to cope with the lifestyle in Australia. Everything was expensive, and finding a job was hard. But through this, I learned how to save, earn, and budget my salary. I was able to live for 2 years by working hard to pay all my expenses. Life was difficult, but every challenge you deal with makes you a better person.”

Wendell recommends to anyone who has the chance to study abroad “Just go for it! I could tell you that it would be a wonderful experience in your life. It’s a chapter of your life that would mold you and make you a better person.”

He continues “I would like to thank Inter-Ed for helping me find a university in Australia that suits me, and because of this I was able to improve my skills in ACU. Thanks to them, the process was flawless. Inter-Ed processed my documents without a problem and gave me a lot of time to prepare myself before I went to study.”

“I graduated with a degree in MBA and MBIS. In Australia, It’s an advantage for me to find a job because in Australia having a higher diploma is a requirement for every company. It is a must if you want to be a manager. From now, I will find a job that suits my degree- a job where I can use all the knowledge I learned and my skills in solving problems.”

Wendell Tiu
ACU (Australian Catholic University)

Live, learn, explore. Study Abroad.

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