Getting your Ph.D. in New Zealand 

If you had a chance to watch the movie trilogy, Lord of the Rings (based on the well-loved novels by J.R.R. Tolkien), then you would have noticed the fantastic landscapes of New Zealand where the films were shot!  Nestled in the South Pacific Ocean and neighboring Australia, this interesting commonwealth nation is worth exploring! Other than the picturesque natural wonders this region has to offer, it also pride’s itself of having just the right ingredients to provide a good quality life for its residents such as no pollution & congestion, low crime rates, great cultural & outdoor activities, relatively low cost of living, equal opportunities for both men & women, comprehensive life-long medical benefits from the government and more. 


Not known to many, New Zealand also offers distinct opportunities for international students to acquire their doctorate degrees.  In April, 2005 the government of New Zealand announced a new policy that enables international Ph.D. students to have domestic status when they enroll in New Zealand’s eight universities effective January, 2006.  This means that international students who are eligible to take their Ph.D. will pay domestic rates for tuition or program fees instead of the higher international rates which is roughly NZ$3,600.00/year.  This government policy also comes with other benefits not just for the students taking their Ph.D. but also for their partners and dependents. 


  • Dependent children of international students enrolled in Ph.D. have the same benefits as children of domestic residents in government schools such as subsidized tuition fees.
  • The partners of international students will be able to apply for open work permit throughout the duration of the student’s course.
  • International students who have graduated from a course that will allow them to gain points based on the Skilled Migrant category will be eligible to apply for a 12-month open work permit.  After graduates have acquired work experience they have a choice of applying for post-study work permit for two more years or they can directly apply for residency under the Skilled Migrant Category.


And, best of all, you will have a research Ph.D. to set up your future career. For more detailed information of this unique opportunity please contact The International Education Specialists or Inter-ed at 8191001 or write an email to intl_edu_specialists@pldtdsl.org.

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