Career Counseling 101 for Parents

“CAREER COUNSELING 101” FOR PARENTS Ever year it comes around! The time when the Guidance Counselor asks her Seniors, “what course are you going to take and which college do you want to attend”. Answers are wide and varied but the predominant responses …

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Live and Study in Canada

MIGRATE WITH A JOB AND STUDY IN CANADA Seize the fantastic opportunity of moving to anywhere in Canada with your whole family. Free Grade School & High School and university studies not more expensive than De La Salle or Ateneo. Free Health Care. P …

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Getting your Ph.D. in New Zealand

Getting your Ph.D. in New Zealand  If you had a chance to watch the movie trilogy, Lord of the Rings (based on the well-loved novels by J.R.R. Tolkien), then you would have noticed the fantastic landscapes of New Zealand where the films were shot!  Nes …

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INTER-ED holds UK education exhibit at the British Council

UK, UK. Not ukay ukay  After many months of looking forward to a trip to the UK, to spend Christmas and New Year there, I am now glad to be back in the Philippines – defrosting! I feel that I have to mention that that we flew on Qatar Airlines and the …

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